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Broken Door Studios


Get to Know Us

          Nestled in the heart of Nashville in the 100 year old historic Track One building, founders Wesley Gaskill, Daniel Zecchini, Cooper Galyon, John Lawrie and Nathan Marken were able to harmonize their talents to bring together Nashville's most diversified music production studio. 

           Step into our rustic, cabin-vibe space and feel the inspiration flow as you work with our team of talented professionals. We understand the journey because we're artists ourselves, and we're here to help you turn that melody in your mind into a masterpiece.


           So whether you're a seasoned musician searching for that perfect sound or a newcomer with a dream, let Broken Door Studios be your guide. Together, we'll unlock the potential of your music and help you find the message you've been longing to share with the world. Let's break down barriers and build something beautiful – one Broken Door at a time.

Our Team

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1201 4th Ave S.

Nashville, TN 37203


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